balcon en fibre de verre

Balconies, stringers and frames

A fiberglass balcony requires little maintenance. In addition to providing a waterproof floor, the weather-resistant gelcoat finish and the non-slip surface allow you to enjoy your investment for a long time. Plus, the underside of your balcony becomes a storage space that you might never have thought of having !

Fiberglass balcony and stairs

By choosing to install fiberglass as a surface, you are guaranteed very little maintenance. Fiberglass also ensures that your balcony will maintain a beautiful appearance for many years.




Aluminium railings - excel

Stringers and frames

The installation of staircase stringers and aluminium balcony frames will make some people jealous thanks to their appearance and durability. Some would say that it is not necessary to invest on that aspect, but the difference in price compared to wood is certainly worth a closer look.